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Boosting Children's Immunity with SwarnaPrashana - Trusted Ayurvedic Immunity Booster

We all know about the importance of immunity to lead and healthy lifestyle and to prevent the diesase and severity of it.

W.H.O had done a schedule for vaccination in the children to prevent the disease in modren lifestyle.

Swarna prashana is an ayurvedic practice. Where adminsritation of processed gold with medhya dravyas. In children which helps to improving intellect,digestion and metabolism,physical strength,immunity ,complexion.

It can be administered from 1 month till 16 years of children age.the dosage of swarna prashna will be differ from age to age.

This should be admister on an auspicious day pushya nakshatram which comes monthly once.

The swarna bhasma (processed gold) along with medicated medhya dravya ghee(brahmi,vacha,shankapushphi,yastimadhu) and honey will under go particular hours of triturating to become homogenous mixture for the admistaration.

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